Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Wearable pottery

I love to make brooches and jewellery. I have to say that most of them get appropriated by my friends and family, but every now and then I manage to upload a few to my shop before they get their hands on them...

There's definitely something lovely about unique jewellery. I have some beaten silver earrings I bought in Barcelona that were handmade and I absolutely love them. It makes your outfit your own somehow if you know no one else has the same thing. I think that's why these are so popular amongst my friends. And besides, a little bright heart or a cute lovebird on the side of your bag or jacket is guaranteed to brighten your day a little.

The only thing I'm not so keen on about jewellery is the spelling. You see in the UK, we spell it jewellery, and in the States you spell it jewelry. So I am always faced with a little internal turmoil on the subject... Do I accept that most of the people who read this blog and who shop in my etsy shop are American and spell it the way you guys do? Or do I stick with the British spelling and risk you all thinking I can't spell? Decisions decisions... I guess if that's the biggest problem I face today then I should thank my lucky stars :) But seriously, I would appreciate feedback on this subject!! Does it undermine your confidence in my intelligence if you think I have misspelled it? Would you have known that we spell it differently over here? Comments please!
P.S. What do you think of the brooches ;)

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Beth said...

Well, I may be a poor one to talk, seeing how I read a lot of British authors as a kid (still do) and got in trouble with using British spellings in school (I'm from the US), but I do think most people recognize that British spellings are also correct.

I'd hate to lose the diversity that makes the 'Net such an interesting place! Please, I'd ask you keep your language and spelling as they are! :-D