Monday, 2 April 2012

Back from my break!

Hello all, I am back in the UK and eating, sleeping and breathing hand made ceramics and pottery this week! It is good to be back in the studio and took a few weeks just to catch up with orders!
I am fairly up to date now, and so there has been a little time for experimenting with new ranges such as this little peacock bowl...

I have been looking a lot at peacocks lately, and there will be more peacocks in the future I am sure! So beautiful! I used a real peacock feather imprinted into the surface to make the texture on this one. When you really look at peacocks, they are completely amazing! I love the repetitive pattern of their feathers and their showy ways! I have also been having some fun drawing them, and I shall share some of the drawings soon.

I am also really looking forward to spending a day soon with the lovely website designer as we intend to tweak my website a touch.
So back to work for me! Incidentally, I interact quite a bit through my facebook page, so if you're interested, check it out here.

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