Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Malevolent spirits.

According to Wikipedia, there were in Ancient Greek mythology 5 Daemones Ceramici (Δαίμονες Κεραμικοί), five malevolent spirits who plagued the craftsman potter.
  • Syntribos (Σύντριβος), the shatterer
  • Smaragos (Σμάραγος), the smasher
  • Asbetos (Ασβετος), the charrer
  • Sabaktes (Σαβάκτης), the destroyer
  • Omodamos (Ομόδαμος), crudebake

I am glad to report that none of these bad guys have been troubling me too much of late, but this fact tickled me and I thought I would share it! Even with experience, sometimes there is no obvious reason why a pot has failed to make it through a firing - it will amuse me to think of these spirits when things go wrong! And of course, it is interesting, and also strangely comforting, to think that there were people doing what I do now so long ago.

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