Thursday, 12 February 2009

My new shop..

Is tentatively live...
As yet I have only uploaded a couple of items to it., but the main difference between it and my etsy shop is that it is UK based, and so UK customers can pay in pounds. More items will be listed soon - I promise!
Check it out at
UK customers who've seen something they like on my etsy shop but would prefer to pay in pounds can now ask me to list it on the folksy shop instead, as I realise it can be off-putting to pay in a foreign currency.

Another new venue that is now selling my pottery is
Initially we're going to start with a couple of my lovebird bowls and later... who knows!
The site has a fun selection of home accessories, ranging from lampshades and cushions to gifts and items for chilidren - check it out! I particularly love their soft owls - fab!

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