Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Happy new year!

It seems I am one of the few back to work around here as where I am we have had heavy snow. There has been pretty much no gritting going on from what I can tell, and the snow just keeps on falling... Luckily I can do some work from home, but a couple of orders will be sent out later than usual.
Having had a wonderful Christmas and new year, I finally packed away the Christmas decorations today, and thought I would share a couple of images of these lovely seasonal flowers that Santa brought this year...
A photo could never do them justice, but what can I say... Amarylis, red roses and hot pink gerberas... I must have been a very good girl last year.
So having cleared the decks it is time to make a plan and get my head back into some serious work. I've been busy glazing the remaining bisque that was done before the Christmas rush took over my life completely, and am looking forward to starting building with a clear head once that lot is out of the kiln. My etsy shop is looking somewhat depleated, so I can't wait to get the new pots out and get them on there. One or two are already spoken for, and it's not a huge batch, so I had better get some new pieces made pronto! I'm also running a January sale now to clear a few items out and start the year afresh. If you'd like to see the discounted items, you can view my sale section here. There are no seconds I promise, every item is absolutely perfect, I just want to start the new year with a clear mind and some new ranges.
So 2010.... what will you have in store? I can't wait to get my teeth into this year and find out!


Unknown said...

Elizabeth I think your work is absolutely beautiful. I showed your etsy store to my Aunty and she sneakily bought one of your little flower dishes with the recycled glass for me for Christmas. As soon as I saw the bubble wrap I knew what it was! Keep on creating your wonderful pieces and hopefully soon I can treat myself to something else!

Stephanie said...

Those flower pictures are beautiful! Santa was very good to you this year! Congrats on your successful holiday season. Your work is absolutely gorgeous! I found your shop and just stared in awe of all the intricately-designed products! My mom would especially love the bird bowls!

I just opened up shop on the second. I thought it appropriate to start the beginning of a new year. I sell everything to do with papergoods...my weakness in crafts! I'm slowly working on building my shop product line. We'll see how it goes!

Elizabeth Prince Ceramics said...

Thank you both so much!
Bree - I am so pleased you like your gift - send your sneaky Aunty my thanks too!
Stephanie - all the best of luck with your shop!
Hopefully 2010 will be a good year for us all :)