Friday, 12 March 2010

The road less traveled

Two muffins sat on a plate and I -
I took the biggest one
And it made absolutely no difference.
I am blessed with a fast metabolism and I'll eat the other one later.

Yes, this is the Elizabeth Prince plate version of Robert Frost's poem. It's not deep, it's a plate. It has to be shallow.
Besides, if he could only travel one, how did he know it made all the difference? Always kind of bugged me...
OK I may be in serious danger from the poetry mafia here, back to the pots, quick...

After a couple of months playing around with ideas, my first bird footprint pots are out.

No poetic title as yet for this one... This whole thing started with our snow. For those of you reading this from overseas, we had more snow this winter than anyone can remember. I kept noticing little bird footprints everywhere, and I loved them, so this is where it came from.

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