Friday, 21 August 2009

For fun...

and because I have smashed so many of my bowls at home, I decided to throw some functional pots for myself. I don't usually use throwing as a technique in my shop, but it really is soooo much fun. It's kind of hypnotic. And the finished pieces are a great place to experiment with a less controlled method of glazing than I generally use. I have combined these glazes before in the distant past, but I had forgotten how well they work together. It was a happy accident that I only glazed the inside with the deep red underneath though, as I didn't realise how much the greeny blue one would slide off. I feel pretty lucky that I'm not chiselling it off my kiln shelves :)

I absolutely love this effect. I only dipped the rims with the greeny-blue one to approx half an inch if that on the insides. I can't believe how far it has travelled and how lovely the swirly patterns it has created are. One of the things I love most about pottery is the surprise you get when you open the kiln and see what's in there. I still get excited before I open the lid!

So... as the great British summer is unbelievably cold this year, and I have new bowls, I think I'll make some hot soup to fill them with!
As always feel free to comment... Love them or hate them?!

Monday, 17 August 2009

By popular demand...

I have made a couple of sets of stacking poppy bowls... I have said in the past that they are tricky to make, and that is true, but I have mastered it at last! When a customer that has ordered from me several times before requested a set I decided I should overcome my mental block. So here's one of the sets... I think they came out really nicely and so I plan to make them a regular in my etsy shop.

As always... comments welcome!