Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hey, how have you been?

Sorry for the long absence people!! I have been loving twitter lately - If you're on twitter and want to follow me I'm @princedesignuk - say hi! Over there, I have been following some really interesting people and consequently some great blogs. Especially loving remodelista designmilk and bright bazaar this week who have all kept me entertained whilst I recovered from an unexpected hospital trip and weekend in bed with some kind of bad gastro bug thing... Thankfully I am much better and back to work :) Firing this week for an interior designer and her client is a large group of these porcelain and silver butterflies:
I am super excited to see how these work in her space, so really hope she'll send me a pic or two even if it's not one I can share. A big part of my art education focussed on installation art, so it is great to put some of those principles into a domestic space. I love the way that these are so affected by the space, and interact with the shapes of the walls, textures beneath them, and other objects in the space. I'm hoping to install an even bigger group for a gallery show later in the year too. Another reason for the absence has been the scouting for new premises, which hopefully has now been found... One or two t's to be crossed and then all being well, the studio move will happen in the next week or two - wish me luck guys it's gonna be messy!!!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Back from my break!

Hello all, I am back in the UK and eating, sleeping and breathing hand made ceramics and pottery this week! It is good to be back in the studio and took a few weeks just to catch up with orders!
I am fairly up to date now, and so there has been a little time for experimenting with new ranges such as this little peacock bowl...

I have been looking a lot at peacocks lately, and there will be more peacocks in the future I am sure! So beautiful! I used a real peacock feather imprinted into the surface to make the texture on this one. When you really look at peacocks, they are completely amazing! I love the repetitive pattern of their feathers and their showy ways! I have also been having some fun drawing them, and I shall share some of the drawings soon.

I am also really looking forward to spending a day soon with the lovely website designer as we intend to tweak my website a touch.
So back to work for me! Incidentally, I interact quite a bit through my facebook page, so if you're interested, check it out here.