Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Gorgeous pics!

A lovely lady sent me some gorgeous pics of her wedding in Greece, so I thought I would share. Firstly, it's in Greece, on a boat.... Good choice! Secondly it is freezing cold and raining so hard that water is dripping onto the floor in the studio cellar here, and looking at these cheered me up. And last but not least, I really cannot say how honoured I am that she choose to use my little bird bowls as ring bearer bowls on her wedding day. So here they are!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Christmas decoration video!

A lovely lady got in touch to tell me that she had made a VIDEO about receiving her Christmas decorations in the post for her youtube channel!!
So she also sent it over to me in case I wanted to see it and use it on my blog! So here it is - thank you Lucy! It has got me thinking about making some videos too, so hopefully I shall make some about what I get up to and start uploading those too :)
In the meantime, I hope you like seeing my Christmas ornaments and new packaging!

Having trouble with the video? You can also see it here.