Monday, 24 January 2011

I thought things would be quiet after Christmas...

How wrong I was! Of course I am not complaining about this fact, but it has been a craaaaaazzzy busy few weeks. My poor kiln has been on almost constantly, with a few breaks whilst I unload and then load him up again.
I have been working on wholesale orders for some new stockists, including Mercer & Wells, who have two fabulous London stores, and a window display for Stephanie Rose, a specialist florist in Hertfordshire. I can't wait to see how that looks when it's installed!
Aside from that, I have introduced some new colours in a few products, including zesty lime green for my Flock sets of flying ducks...
And also coming soon for Spring is my new key lime glaze for my lace imprinted items. Here's a preview of that, pictured here alongside my Wedgewood and Seafoam bird bowls...
Opinions on the new colours are very welcome of course! Most of my special orders will be out of the kiln in the next couple of days too, and there are one or two pieces that I am really looking forward to seeing.

Friday, 7 January 2011


Cheers, applause, whoop, yay!
Her absolutely free lovebird bowl is going out to her next week.
Getting positive feedback is one of the nicest things in my job. The internet can be impersonal, and it is great to hear what works, and have that as a point of contact. Here's what the winner said about me:

"Positive feedback as always! Your items are absolutely beautiful and i've been recommending you to my friends. I have my eye on another dish so i'll be back soon i'm sure! Many thanks, S."

We picked her out at random after literally putting names in a hat, shaking it up and picking one out. So congrats Stonefox, you are the winner!!!!

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone reading had a lovely time. I love this time of year - out with the old and in with the new! I'm not one for going on short-lived detoxes, diets or gym memberships, but I do love returning to normal, maneageable workloads after crazy busy October-December, and then Christmas and New Year celebrations. I have been flat out this week, as I am completely out of stock of some items, and wholesale orders are still coming in. If there's something you've seen before Christmas that you'd like, please get in touch, as most items can be made to order in approx 4 weeks, sometimes more quickly.
The draw for the pottery lottery is nearly here too - I'm hoping to anounce the results tomorrow! Watch this space!

Anyway, before I sign off, I thought I would share this image of an unusual hydrangea that I took last year.

It might seem unseasonal, but it I love the cool pastel green tones, and it makes me feel optimistic and look forward to Spring. Bring on longer warmer days - winter's half way through and summer days will be here before we know it!