Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Some images from my recent installation, Flock. The piece comprised 100 porcelain swallows with subtle feather imprints in the surface of each, spanning all four walls of the room in which they were installed. It is available to order, and suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Bank holiday weekend arty fun...

Last Saturday, Islington Mill studios Mill24 project had lots going on. We caught Bill Aitchison's fantastic performance/lecture piece on the subject of consipracy theories, and saw the making of a great animation piece by Manchester artist TXLW. Check it out on youtube here - guaranteed to make you smile.

Katie and I had to get into the drawing den as it looked so appealing with its lovely brightly coloured interior...

After that it was a civilised dinner and glass of wine, and then came Sunday's fun at Eurocultured street festival in the city centre...

Loved sneaking a peek at people's sketch books, and watching the artists painting, especially with a lovely beer or two and some good friends :)

There were some great artists there as every year, and it's great to see the wall pieces still there later in the year, brightening up what would otherwise be a pretty dull stretch of road in the city centre. There was some great music on too, with live artists and DJs. Great to see Manchester has so much to offer!