Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Upcoming ceramics workshops

I am going to be running two separate two part ceramics workshops from my Manchester studio in September and October.
The first one will be ceramic bowls, where you can come along and make small bowls, suitable for storing jewellery, candle holders, as dipping bowls, gifts or whatever you'd like! In the first session, Weds 10th Sept 6-8pm, we will make the bowls, and you'll learn some really easy and effective ways of forming them and creating textures in the surface. The second session, Weds 24th September, 6-8pm will be for glazing the bowls. Don't worry if you can't get through rush hour for 6 - if you'd like to start a touch later at say half past, and finish at 8.30, that's fine too!

The second sessions will be ceramic jewellery making. Again, we'll make the forms in session one, and will glaze them in session two. Please note that we will only be making the components for the pieces, unless of course you choose to make one piece items like bangles or rings, so you'll need to stick on brooch backs and thread up pendants after you collect your treasure. As it is going to be coming up towards Christmas by the time we run these, you will be welcome to make a couple of Christmas tree ornaments too!
 Session one: Thurs 9th October, session two: Thurs 23rd October, a flexible 6-8 pm as above. You might find some inspiration for the jewellery here.
For both workshops, just bring yourself and some clothing that can be washed easily. All materials and firings are included in the cost, and you can book online here, and also check out the many other craft classes run at Ellie Magpie, where my studio is based.