Thursday 7 January 2016

Art for healthcare and hospitals

I was delighted to be commissioned recently to create some art from my swallow project for a healthcare centre, or should I say healthcare center, in the US in October. The people responsible for commissioning my swallow porcelain wall art for this piece sent me these images over of the installed work, so here they are installed :)

 In this case, my wall art became ceiling art! I hope that they will in some way help, or at least distract, the people using the space for treatment. Art in healthcare is very important to me - the people close to me know that I have had my share of treatment, and I think art can help in small ways. It can't always make things right admittedly - I am not about to say that it can. But in my case, I found it gave my mind a place to wander to, and that momentarily helped me to forget that there was a drip in my arm, and that was a help. It helped me to  feel less afraid, even if just for a few moments at a time. Equally, for carers it is important. I took a friend for some medical treatment recently and whilst I was pacing around the corridor, worrying and waiting for him to come out, the artwork on the walls again distracted me and soothed my mind. So I really cannot say how happy it makes me to think that I may have played a part in paying it forward. I hope to do more in this field in the future and have recently had further enquiries so fingers crossed!

Pantone color of the year 2016...

 or if you're in the UK as I am - colour of the year ;) is not one colour this year, but two. Rose quartz, and serenity, a soft pastel pink and a balancing blue.

After last year's marsala burgundy, this comes as a light, uplifting and hopeful choice. If I am honest, by the time the marsala was named last year, I was totally bored of the hue, as in the UK it had been done to death for well over a year by then on clothing. Perhaps it's personal - it just doesn't suit my colouring!
This soft springy combination reminds me of a photo I took in Asia on my travels a few years ago. It was dusk, it was warm, the sea was like a pond, barely even a wave with just the teeniest breeze on the beach.

(The little black speck is fishermen in a little circular basket boat.)
I guess that is how that combination makes me feel, and whilst I love that, I also love the pink mixed with greys and a maybe touch of (dare I say it) marsala, with copper, black or dark gold accessories, like these combos found on pinterest via :

Love the softness of the bottom three - so stylish!
I have some new ideas in the pipeline (top secret just yet!) for my ceramics that might fit well with this pallete... time will tell.

Monday 23 November 2015

Christmas tree ornaments and decorations 2015

We are running low on all our Christmas ornaments - just cannot make them fast enough this year! Our new pineapples are a cheeky nod to antique Victorian decorative pineapples - they're large and feel generous on a Christmas tree. Hope you like our birds and pineapples! We also have stars, tree houses and hearts in stock here. All have the texture of vintage lace crochet for a classic feel that can be easily mixed and matched.

Sunday 22 November 2015

New poppy bowls - Handmade porcelain flower sculptures.

I'm having my own personal great pottery throwdown in my studio this week. Here are the latest pieces out of my kiln.
Only one set available and just on sale. Find them here
Each one was made in the palm of my hand from pure white English porcelain. I never get tired of using it - such a beautiful material. The finest ceramic on the planet in my opinion - slightly translucent, smooth, fine and stunning. Hope you like it as much as I do!

Thursday 19 November 2015

New handemade ceramic bowls with recycled glass

Hope you'll like my new bowls with recycled glass! Hot out of the kiln :)
The glass always reacts unpredictably, so it is a big treat to see how they have come out this time.

These are pretty used in bathrooms as catch alls or soap dishes, although I know a lot of people have bought them to display as sculpture.
These usually sell out pretty much immediately, and as each is different you might see them listed as sold out. Similar ones can be seen here if we currently have any listed for sale.
If we are out of stock, get in touch as I love commissions!

Wednesday 16 September 2015

New feature on

Loving the new feature that lets you share behind the scenes pics easily to
Follow the link for my studio #shelfie !

Thursday 2 October 2014

How to choose artwork for your home online

I get a lot of messages from people who are unsure of how a piece of art will look in their home, and are struggling with ideas of placement or scale. Luckily, I was an interior designer for nearly a decade before I started my ceramics business, so I have a trick or two to share!
So, what is the best way to choose art for your home? Well, let's imagine that you have found an image, a print or a photograph that you like on the internet, and the artist offers that in either one size or a choice of sizes. Simply stick together paper ( recycling newspaper will often suffice ) and cut it out to the correct size. Simply tack it onto your wall, and there you have it - the issue of scale is resolved. It will either look good or it won't.  If you can see the image at the same time, on a screen for example, then that's all the better - this combination of factors really gives you an idea of how a piece will feel in your home.
If you find that it isn't the right scale for you, consider asking the artist if they could do it in any other size. I am always happy to work with a customer to get the perfect number, scale, personal touch or special colour to suit their room, and I am sure other artists are too.
Often, people ask this when choosing my Grace wall art. It's really simple - just cut out circles of paper to approximate sizes and tack them on. It's a great trick when you're arranging them after a purchase too, to make sure you get them in the right place.

In terms of colour, it is an incredibly personal choice. I always find that a contrast to your wall colour is best. So light things on mid tone or dark walls and vice versa. Picking out colours from your decor scheme is often a good idea too, although it might be that you're going to own the art for longer than your current decor scheme lasts, so picking colours you love is the main thing. I like white for artwork, because it just looks fantastic on such a wide range of coloured walls, but it really is a great opportunity to introduce colour to a room too.
Above all, the best advice I think when choosing art is that you absolutely love it. You're going to see it most days if it is to be in your home, so make sure it is special to you.