Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Malevolent spirits.

According to Wikipedia, there were in Ancient Greek mythology 5 Daemones Ceramici (Δαίμονες Κεραμικοί), five malevolent spirits who plagued the craftsman potter.
  • Syntribos (Σύντριβος), the shatterer
  • Smaragos (Σμάραγος), the smasher
  • Asbetos (Ασβετος), the charrer
  • Sabaktes (Σαβάκτης), the destroyer
  • Omodamos (Ομόδαμος), crudebake

I am glad to report that none of these bad guys have been troubling me too much of late, but this fact tickled me and I thought I would share it! Even with experience, sometimes there is no obvious reason why a pot has failed to make it through a firing - it will amuse me to think of these spirits when things go wrong! And of course, it is interesting, and also strangely comforting, to think that there were people doing what I do now so long ago.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

New porcelain tableware, plates and bowls

From my new "Fragment" series, every one of these bowls and plates is unique, dinnerware safe, but pretty enough to be used purely for decoration. They each feature the texture of vintage lace crochet in the surface of pure white porcelain and are available now in my etsy shop.
What do you think?

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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Big Cartel Shop

I'm in the process of building a shop to sell my ceramics on Big Cartel. If you've come from over there, please note we have a larger selection currently available in my etsy shop, here. Thank you for your patience whilst it's still a work in progress!