Saturday, 20 March 2010

What an honour!

A big thank you to a very lovely lady for sharing this image of the bowls I made for her and her husband to use to carry their wedding rings on their wedding day. It really was a pleasure to make something specially for them, and an honour to make something of such importance to two lovely people. I wish them both every happiness in their lives together.

This photo is just wonderful. The colours make it feel so earthy and natural. It is a rare treat for me to see the items I sell in use!
Anyway, the lady herself is an etsy seller, and so I found myself having a look around her shop, The Bride Gene... She has some great items, and I particularly love these...

These are great big hanging pompoms, and are a snip at a teeny weeny $10 for a pack of three! They'd make magical decorations at a wedding, or would be dreamy in a little girl's bedroom. She makes them in a pretty choice of other colours too.
Last but not least this week - today is the first day of Spring! It is official, winter is over, summer's on its way, and very soon it will be flip flop weather - yay! I have made a new variation of my Spring chicken bowls to celebrate :)
These are available in my etsy ($) and folksy (£) shops. Readers of my blog will get a little free gift with any purchase until Easter. All you have to do to get yours is send me a message with your order mentioning my blog :)
Happy Spring!

Friday, 12 March 2010

The road less traveled

Two muffins sat on a plate and I -
I took the biggest one
And it made absolutely no difference.
I am blessed with a fast metabolism and I'll eat the other one later.

Yes, this is the Elizabeth Prince plate version of Robert Frost's poem. It's not deep, it's a plate. It has to be shallow.
Besides, if he could only travel one, how did he know it made all the difference? Always kind of bugged me...
OK I may be in serious danger from the poetry mafia here, back to the pots, quick...

After a couple of months playing around with ideas, my first bird footprint pots are out.

No poetic title as yet for this one... This whole thing started with our snow. For those of you reading this from overseas, we had more snow this winter than anyone can remember. I kept noticing little bird footprints everywhere, and I loved them, so this is where it came from.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

I love...

these...I found these on the beach in Brazil - half an ocean-weathered coconut shell and a few sea urchin shells. I love the intricacy and simplicity of the forms. I keep them on a windowsill and hadn't looked at them for ages until the other day when I found myself transfixed.
The other thing I find interesting about the sea urchin shells is that before they lost their spines they would have been anything but tactile, but these skeletons really invite me to hold them somehow.
Anyway, there it is - the thing that inspired me most today.