Tuesday, 15 December 2009

I can't believe how busy it has been!

The Christmas rush is slowing a little now, as most of my customers are in the US. I had a little help today from a Japanese work experience student Kozue, and finally feel like I am getting up to date... She was great, really lovely, extremely helpful, and an extra pair of hands was appreciated! She helped out with some gift wrapping and sorted out some of my stationary so that I now feel free to actually make something- I haven't touched any clay in weeks!! It has been non stop admin and parcel wrapping round here, and it has been great, but there is some creative frustration bubbling away under the surface... watch out for some new pieces early in the new year...
I have a happy story today! - someone showed me a photo at theknot.com which is of two of my bird bowls which were used as ring bowls at a wedding - here it is...

It is such a huge compliment when someone uses my work for such an important function, and is a rare treat to see them in use. Thanks also to the lovely Ai Ling Liaw of Ling Photography, St. Paul, MN who was their wedding photographer. I was really touched. I have had a bit of a run of this lately - here is an image of a ring bowl I made for a very lovely lady's wedding recently. So recently in fact, that it is on a plane on its way to Australia as I write...

I used a silhouette that they provided of themselves, and recessed it into the clay. A slight toasting can sometimes occur in the kiln around the glaze, and on this one I think it gives a fitting, warm glow around the bride and groom. I felt that it added to the piece, and I hope they will agree. Ring bowls are definitely something I am considering doing more of in the new year! It was lovely to work with them and create a piece that they had some input into.

So with things calming down here a little, I am hoping that I might just get a little Christmas shopping done by the end of the week :)

Friday, 4 December 2009

Wow! What an amazing day!

I cannot begin to say how excited I was today when I found out that my Christmas decorations had been featured in no less than THE GUARDIAN newspaper!!!
For those of you stateside, The Guardian is one of the biggest national newspapers. It is extremely well respected, and I could not believe my eyes when I followed this link to the online version of the article.

My little hearts have a page, as do a selection of other Christmas ornaments that I am staggered and honoured to be placed amongst, including pieces by Cath Kidston, Heals, Habitat, Liberty, Urban Outfitters and John Lewis.
Wow again! I can't think of a greater confidence boost than this, and also at a time when I am having my busiest time ever in my etsy shop. I really am completely stunned. There amongst such great big names in design - lil ole me?! A picture that I took, a little over a year ago, of my little Christmas hearts WAS IN THE GUARDIAN!?!
Fantastic, wonderful, amazing. Pinching myself.

Today was also the day of the Art Ball art auction at Sale Waterside Art Centre, which included two sets of my ceramic flying ducks. It was hosted by no less than Eric Knowles from the antiques roadshow!!! Hilarious!

I was too excited about the Guardian article to be nervous, despite having a few reservations about having to actually be there when my work was sold, rather than being on the other side of a computer screen. (And often the other side of the world!) A few friends turned out at the event to ensure that we had a good time this evening, even if the ducks didn't sell, but I am happy to say that both sets sold!! And also, they sold for more than I sell them for online :)
So I really am pretty stunned, shocked, happy, and exhausted as I write this... Time for a well earned, long sleep :) Goodnight!