Sunday, 15 June 2008

Plant pots

were one of the first things I made out of clay. I made more and more, imprinting various things into the surface of clay slabs and then forming the pot. These are a few I made quite recently with plant material rolled in. Any bits of plant that are left in the slab simply burn out during firing. I love working this way, and a surprising amount of detail is created.

For these pots I used lavender and mint. I prefer to emphasize the texture by glazing only the details and the inside of the pot.
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Summer Dula Edward, M.S.Ed. said...

omg, the plant pots are gorgeous! I could SO see these in my apartment! Very modern, earthy and unusual! What's your policy in terms of purchasing with foreign currency? (I'm in the US) :)

Elizabeth Prince Ceramics said...

Hello again, thanks for the compliment! No problem with that, do you have a paypal account? If you do you can pay in US dollars. Which are you interested in? I'll work out costs for you in dollars including shipping. (Please bear with me for a couple of days on that as I would need to ensure that I worked out how best to package them properly.) I would need the delivery address to be the confirmed address through paypal if possible.
Please include your email address in the next message, and I will not publish the comment so that your privacy is ensured.
Kind regards,