Tuesday, 8 February 2011

New items in Spring colours!

Spring colors for those of you in the US ;) I still now struggle with that concept. I know where you are dear readers, and I know that you mainly live in the US. And I also know that on some level you will think I have spelled words like colour and humour and enquiry incorrectly.... I hope you'll forgive what you might see as my poor spelling, and understand that we just spell some words differently to you!
Anyway... I digress.... I got all excited this week, because I saw my first snowdrop. I have one little snowdrop that clings on to life year after year when all the other ones I planted at the same time never made it past season one. And finally, this year, it has a little sibling - yes, two snowdrops! Sibling snowdrop is still in bud, but number one is in as full a flower as a dainty little snowdrop can manage, and this can mean only one thing - Spring is nearly here!!
Which brings me to my new glaze colour... I previewed it last week here, but there are finally a couple of items in my shop in this colour, and here's one of them - Birds of a feather wall art ceramics in springy lime glaze.


Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...

Lovely new glaze! It's the same colour as the things in our kitchen and would go nicely on the wall :)
I am so looking forward to spring and the warmer, longer days!

Elizabeth Prince Ceramics said...

Hi Charlotte!
Yes, me too, I can hardly wait until it is safe to go out in flipflops again! x

Cindi said...

cute, cute, cute!