Friday, 23 May 2014

Swallow project research - Andalucia and the Alhambra

I thought I would share some images that I took on my recent research trip, following the swallows to Andalucia in southern Spain.

Even the manhole covers had interesting textures and shapes! I loved this one in Cadiz!

There were very interesting shapes and textures in the Catholic architecture.


Flooring in Puerto Santa Maria

Detail from a church door Puerto Santa Maria

Spanish tiles and ironwork

Traditional Spanish costume and lace

And of course - the highlight of the trip and a longtime ambition to see - the Alhambra in Granada

It is just incredible

Intricate Moorish plaster reliefs and ceramic tiles

And, incredibly, swallows actually nesting in the palace of the lions, swooping over my head whilst I looked around :)

Words cannot do justice to this incredible place

I hope my work can do justice to the research!
Travel is such a rich source of inspiration for me. I took hundreds of photos, and there will be more work based on this research coming over the coming months.

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