Thursday, 7 January 2016

Art for healthcare and hospitals

I was delighted to be commissioned recently to create some art from my swallow project for a healthcare centre, or should I say healthcare center, in the US in October. The people responsible for commissioning my swallow porcelain wall art for this piece sent me these images over of the installed work, so here they are installed :)

 In this case, my wall art became ceiling art! I hope that they will in some way help, or at least distract, the people using the space for treatment. Art in healthcare is very important to me - the people close to me know that I have had my share of treatment, and I think art can help in small ways. It can't always make things right admittedly - I am not about to say that it can. But in my case, I found it gave my mind a place to wander to, and that momentarily helped me to forget that there was a drip in my arm, and that was a help. It helped me to  feel less afraid, even if just for a few moments at a time. Equally, for carers it is important. I took a friend for some medical treatment recently and whilst I was pacing around the corridor, worrying and waiting for him to come out, the artwork on the walls again distracted me and soothed my mind. So I really cannot say how happy it makes me to think that I may have played a part in paying it forward. I hope to do more in this field in the future and have recently had further enquiries so fingers crossed!

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Eliza said...

A wonderful decoration !!!