Monday, 22 September 2008

Little lotus

One new addition to my etsy shop this week has been this Little lotus bowl. I'm really pleased with how this little piece came out, and the glaze I used was one that I mixed up myself, so it is unique. I have been experimenting recently with altering clear glazes by adding cobalt, iron and/or copper oxides, and I'm finding it pretty exciting. Shop bought glazes are great, but there is something wonderful about mixing it up like a painter would, and getting something unique. Of course it's much trickier than painting; pink powder turns deep blue, black comes out brown or bronze etc. - there's often a surprise when the kiln opens!
The other thing I love about the Lotus is how delicate the form is. It was very tricky to make and so I don't think I'll make any more, not because I don't love it, but simply because it was far too labour intensive. So this little Lotus really is one of a kind.

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