Monday, 8 September 2008

Say hello....

to Kenny the kiln!
Here's a pic of my first test firing.... All the tests came out perfectly. (Other pots were placed lower down on separate shelves) What a relief... So it's holiday season over for now, and back to work in a slightly frantic, frustrated OCD way. It's great to be making again after a break, and very exciting to have Kenny here.
I'm looking forward to the coming weekend, when I will be doing a pottery demonstration/workshop in Liverpool. It'll be great to encourage people to get some clay under their fingernails! It's always fantastic to see what people make when they start playing, so I'm excited about that... Wish me luck!


Molly Belle said...

your kin is BEAUTIFUL! Can I ask what make/model etc it is?

PS (I found you via etsy today, congrats on making the homepage)


Elizabeth Prince Ceramics said...

Thanks Molly!
it was imported from the states I believe, so you shouldn't have any problems getting your hands on one. It's called fuego and made by LL kilns - hope that helps!