Tuesday, 6 May 2008

I sell pot

Well, actually I sell pots. Ceramic pots. Not the kind of pot that you get locked up for selling...
Want to see some? Of course you do!This has been the most looked at pot on my etsy shop since I uploaded it yesterday. It's a pinch pot, which means that it is made by pinching out a single piece of clay. It was inspired by one of my favourite flowers; white lilies. I hope that, in some small way, I have managed to capture some of the simplicity and elegance of a lily here.
It's made from grogged stoneware clay. Grogged means simply that it has bits in it. You can see them in the photo above. They give more structure to the pot and that means it has more strength. Stoneware refers to the temperature that this pot was fired at. Stoneware is hotter than earthenware. Hotter firing means stronger pot. For me, that is a great combination because I like to make some of my pots very thin. (But still want them to be strong!)
So if there's anybody out there.... let me know what you think!


artquest1 said...

Congratulations - I am so glad that there are still people making pinch pots! It seems they have been relegated to some silly exercise for beginners, where the implicit goal is obviously never to make them again and for that matter, ignore all of hand building while you're at it.
The two pieces you've displayed are elegant, simple and evocative -all of the qualities of a well made (and designed) pinch pot.
I hope you show some more of your work.

Elizabeth Prince Ceramics said...

Thanks for the compliments Bob! It's funny you should mention that, but they were one of the last techniques I learned. I mentioned to someone that I'd never made one and he snootily said "My God you've NEVER made a pinch pot! Surely that's the FIRST thing you SHOULD have learned." Really enjoyed it when I did though, ended up slightly obsessively making them..
Watch this space, more pots coming soon.
I'm looking forward to reading some more of your blog soon but have to pass out now as it is very late here!!
Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

gorgeous- love the simplicity of the design. I knew right away that it was a lily. You have a great blog. Congrats! And keep the art coming. It's quite special.