Sunday, 11 May 2008

Some more jewellery...

I made this range for a number of reasons. It was inspired by a vintage lace doily made by my great grandmother. The patterns and designs in the lace itself are exquisite. I was thinking about crafts, and how we are losing many of the skills that were commonplace in our history. For example, I own several pieces of lace that were made by my great grandmothers and their sisters, which would suggest that it was a common pass time at that time, but I don't know how to do it myself. Within a couple of generations, skills are lost. So I imprinted the antique lace into the surface of some porcelain to capture and preserve the delicate patterns and added some gloss black glaze for contrast and emphasis.
I wanted the range to also be contemporary, stylish and elegant, to bring the lace into 2008 and preserve it! I have tried to create something that could be worn (as modelled) with a dressed up dress, but also , in the case of the pendant, tied a little higher around the neck for the office or even with jeans and a little black shirt or vest top.
I added black satin ribbon to tie in a bow at the back of the neck to carry on with the vintage feel, but keep a simple, sexy elegance.
I hope it works.... As always, feel free to comment!


Anonymous said...

I love the lace work!!! I have lace pieces my nana (great grandmother) crocheted and it means the world to me. She tried to teach me but I'm much too clumsy!!
Great jewelry and such a lovely tribute!!!!

Elizabeth Prince Ceramics said...

Hi Sharon,
thanks! I was discussing this with a (very old) lady today and she got all her crochet patterns out to show me... it's amazing and intricate stuff! Really beautiful. She said that when she was young (pre 2nd world war) it was all the rage!
I am quite excited as I just got some similar pieces out of the kiln, but this time the texture's from embroidered handkerchiefs.
Really hope things are good with you!