Tuesday, 6 May 2008

It doesn't get much better...

than sitting in the grounds of a Tudor mansion on a sunny May day working on my ceramics.
It was an absolutely gorgeous day all over England today according to the radio. It certainly was here; it was wonderful to sit in the sunshine for a while! Days like today make me feel lucky! What a pleasure!

I was working on some small porcelain jewelry pieces and my new range of hooks. Hopefully the first few will be ready and glazed next week, so I'm excited about that!

In the meantime, here's a sneak preview of a few of them...

Whilst I was there today, I took a picture of the roof space, as the building has inspired me in the past to make a small dish...

It's a pinch pot, made from a single piece of crank clay. I pierced holes through it so that when a candle is placed inside pretty patterns are created on the table top.

As ever, if there's anyone out there... comments welcome!


Michele R. Unger said...


LOVE your pinch pot. It's beautiful and I bet the light twinkles in an enchating way through the pierces.

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. It was an amazing sight, all those gorgeous flowers. But, hey, looks like you have some spectacular scenery where you are, too!


Elizabeth Prince Ceramics said...

Thanks for your encouragement Michele, it's very much appreciated!

Elizabeth x